Yesterday is history
Tomorrow is a mystery
Today is a gift,
that’s why we call it
the present.


The day you arrived in Australia to attend Leslies birthday, turned out to be a blessing for me. Dad and I had driven down from Kuranda to join the party. I hadn't felt too good and got Dad to drive After arriving at Leslies I felt awfully dizzy , I hoped I hadn’t got the Middle ear trouble , the only thing to do when this happens is to lay down , and went on Leslies bed which is where you found me after you arrived from the airport. From that point I just remember you putting your hand above my head. 

The power I felt was tremendous . I shortly had to ask you to remove your hand , which you did,, I then slept until the morning , Felt wonderful  and refreshed, instead of being still dizzy and sick. for days on end. This all happened seven years ago and since then I have had no reoccurrence of any middle ear trouble…..Wonderful, carry on with  your healing  and God Bless you... 
Dee Wilkie. 2001.

2004 Eastbourne, Sussex UK
Jane; I worked in an old peoples home, lifting heavy people. I went to the Gym that I owned Hardly able to walk, I met Pete Wilkie as he was one of our clients, for some reason I hobbled up to him between sets, he looked at me and put his left hand behind my back for about 15 seconds then worked it up to the top of my head. Well instantly I felt the pain relief. Upon, leaving the Gym Pete looked at me, and said “I will do some remote healing in 20 minutes.” Pete; when I arrived home I sat on the sofa, and relaxed, Jane then came up as a hologram in front of me, I felt fizzy all around my middle torso all I can say is that it felt like I was feeling every living cell. This lasted for about 30 seconds. She the hologram, then disappeared. Three days later at the Gym Jane had had the same feeling of fizziness and was walking around like new, here eyes were bright she radiated love.

My Name Is Jelena Markovic
I met Peter Wilkie about 2 years ago.  Having been a fine art artist most of my life spending huge amounts of time at the easel,  I picked up what you would called repetitive strain injuries, my right shoulder was always very painful and so was my left knee.

After a session of healing of which I had never had before this was the first time my shoulder and knee pain disappeared.  It was truly amazing.

I have had subsequently had many healings all of which were successful.

It has been an amazing feelings of  heat, or tingling, in fact on one healing I felt he was pushing hard on my chest for me to open my eyes to see his hands six inches above me.

Jelena Spain 2008.

Dawn. Spain 2007.
I live in Spain and met Pete about 3years ago, he has given me many healings, mainly with hands on but sometimes just holding his hand near the area where pain was felt. It has been truly amazing, the feeling of floating and peace that comes with the healing, he has fixed many ailments for me over the period, it has come to the stage where sometimes all I have to do is think of him and I feel the fizziness in the area and I fell healed truly amazing thank you Pete.


Petra. Spain 2007-9. Plus Dog.
On behalf of myself and my dog ... yes, it sounds strange !!!, I would like to say simply that the healing that Peter Wilkie has given us over the last couple of years or so has helped both of us tremendously.  I have been a follower of 'alternative' medicine (as it seems to be known) for many years which does not imply that I discard conventional surgery / medication as  I have had to go through surgery on numerous occasions
I had a hip replacement in late January and prior to that a melanoma was found on my lower back, and the healing, peace and simplicity of Pete's healing has helped before and since.  Fortunately, I bump into Pete fairly frequently and he always susses out when something is wrong and knows exactly where the problem is.  Ditto with my dog, Bubú, who had a problem with one of his front shoulders which Pete spotted immediately. Bubú is not a dog that attaches himself easily to people but with Pete he just wandered up and let himself be treated and has done so ever since as if he knows that Pete is going to help him out ..... and he does !  He also helped out my cousin whilst on holiday with me, making her time over here much more comfortable ... and enjoyable !!
Furthermore, recently Pete did some healing for Betty, who had an enormous corn on her foot and she told me that within 24 hours the pain and the ache had dramatically reduced
Having also had numerous ankle operations over the last 25 years, following a car accident, Pete has contributed enormously to easing my walking problems, and the mere fact that Bubú just walks up and leans on him as if to say 'here's where I hurt' means a great deal to us
I understand that many people will not accept that 'hands on' healing will work, but it's worth giving it a try, far better than taking pills and medication - so think about alternative medicine - it might not work instantly but think positively, try it and reap the benefits.

I am a professional golf teacher and while playing at Alicante Golf last year 2008 I complained about an old wrist injury which was causing me to give up playing that round. Peter performed some on site healing to this area and I was able to complete my round in comfort.
Gary Stone 2007
Time doesn't. All that Time does is make it more distant, put more space
between you and what happened. It doesn't heal anything. I don't know
how or what does the healing, but it isn't Time