Yesterday is history
Tomorrow is a mystery
Today is a gift,
that’s why we call it
the present.


Do I have to believe in healing for it to work?
Absolutely Not,  all you need is the desire to be well. As stated before I believe we are all one,  healing is completely unconditional event. Nothing matters only belief.

What happens in a healing session?
Pete's healings are a relaxed affair you either sit in a chair or lay on the couch, he prefers you to lay as this is a more relaxed position. He will either put his hands on your shoulders or hover them above you,  you do not remove clothing only coats, being relaxed is the most important thing. Pete is relaxed and calm, you may wish to have someone present which is completely ok.  Healing will pass through his hands, and you are free to ask questions.

I really need healing, but I don't think I can afford it.

Pete is above all a humanitarian and believes we all have the right to be healthy; he has never turned anyone down because of money. Let us know before hand there is no embarrassment. I believe if your ill see a doctor can I be healed?

I have healed many sceptics give healing a chance.

Do I need to see a doctor before I see Pete?
Yes, always do what you feel is right for you, tell your doctor many are open to healing buy other methods.

How long does a session take and how long before I am cured or feel better ?
Most healing session are about 20 minutes but this can vary. In most cases healing is instant, but not all, some times a few sessions are required there is no fixed timetable, the healing process will definitely be started depending on the condition. It is important to try to be in touch with your body.
Do I need to eat differently to be cured?
Pete is an avid student of “you are what you eat”, so he always advises in proper nutrition.  Good intake of fruit and vegetables, but mainly to keep things in balance as in all walks of your life. He has changed his diet over the years.
Do I need to be fit or do exercise?
Pete believes in helping the body heal its self, he him self does the Tibetans exercise.  (see Tibetans exercise on you tube)

If I am healed is it permanent?
For most it is.  Sometimes you may need a couple of visits.
What can Pete cure?
Pete has cured most aliments from bad backs, joint problems migraines, stomach problems including cancer, he also recommends other healing practitioners if he feels it is necessary to have another type of healing.

Please send any other questions you feel you need answered through our contact page.

Pete is not medically trained.
The work is performed by the energies in spirit working through his physical body and this is what enables the healing to take place. There are no guarantees, what he offers is an alternative in healing and hope for those that are guided to try this form of treatment.

A successfully communicated thought,
from one human mind to another,
is one of the most powerful forces I know