Yesterday is history
Tomorrow is a mystery
Today is a gift,
that’s why we call it
the present.

Healing & Thoughts
When the world famous healer told me that I have a great energy field and power, the indicating then was of healing, It was very scary because I did not have a clue. There was nowhere to go to ask, how can you teach someone to heal?

Even today I think about that question. The answer, all you can do is to explain how and what happens to ones-self during that amazing, I believe natural act, in hope it will open a few doors for others to go for it. My belief,  we are all of the same God’s source energy so we are all connected, which means we can all heal. It is just a matter of “being”, allowance and most of all intention.

I believe that the healing is a process that works two ways, benefiting at the same time the person that desires healing and the healer themselves. As the saying goes; the more you heal the more you get healed.

Through the feed back from the clients healed, I am more aware of the process of the healing that is taking place, more in tune with the changes that are happening in me and in the client during the session. Most of the time I feel the same sensations within my body or hands that match the sensation of the part of the body that is being healed. Awareness of it helps me to focus energy where it is needed.

Healing sensations are different; sometimes it is an amazing body heat or vibration also tingling feelings of every living cell re-aligning themselves, sometimes feeling hot and cold spots enables me to isolate areas that need more attention, or during one remote healing, when I had a hologram of a client appear in front of me through which I could pass my hands, to actually feeling exactly the same sensations of the healing that is took place within the client.

I have had people feeling they are floating after a healing session, some would feel like they were strongly being pushed on, for them just to discover when they open their eyes that my hands are high above them, or some feeling overwhelming health or just being very sleepy or feeling very peaceful. During the healing, I never engage my thinking process. I just allow healing to take place in a form and way that is most beneficial for the person. It is just pure awareness of the sensations. It is not for me to steer the energy but to guide it.

It is always amazing when people say after the healing session; how did you know where to spend more time? I just listen; it’s about being more sensitive. My hands are becoming very sensitive.

I am just happy to help and see people recover and be free from pain. Just to add, one of his highlights was to heal a friend’s dog, the dog just stood there, joy for all.

I believe healing is an unconditional act of pure love and allowance.

There is no judgment just intention to heal.


I believe that we should all be in “our flow not there flow” in our day-to-day lives, i.e. no control from outside agencies.

No judgment.

Everything you “need” is around you “just look” if not you would be somewhere else.

Learn to Listen, it is so important to listen, without thoughts of what you are going to say next, or how or what you are hearing is affecting emotionally. Just Listen. I found this on my travels………


Eventually you will come to understand that love heals everything,
and love is all there is